Terra Recovery: Prospecting for Landfill Mining

Terra Recovery: Prospecting for Landfill Mining

Terra Recovery is a company I co-founded in 2013, after it was accepted to the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Programme. At Terra Recovery, we are building the world’s first prospecting service to gauge the mine-ability of old landfills for their various resources and residual value.

The concept was born out of the musings of my co-founders, Michael, Lauren and Yuuki, during a business model hack-a-thon at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School called “Future Business Weekend.”

The concept is to apply big data and geo-physical analyses to landfills en masse, and determine which are most suitable for recovery (e.g. those that were opened and closed before recycling became prominent).

This approach has been very successful in oil and mineral exploration, and we hope will become the go-to standard for repurposing carelessly discarded resources that have been left idling in the ground for too long.

At Terra Recovery I am an advocate Board Director, assisting with fundraising and advising on strategy and technological positioning of the company.